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Today I was installing a short shifter in my 1997 Integra. Everything went smoothly until I had to remove the shift ball dust boot from the shifter. While I was removing it, it tore a pretty good amount. I finished up the install and put the boot back on and everything works great, but due to it being torn I have a feeling debris will be able to get into the part that covers the ball of the shifter (which I greased pretty well).

Here are pictures I was able to find from a how-to page to show what part I am talking about. I did not take a picture of mine because my hands were filthy and I didn't want to touch my phone or camera, but the rubber boot you see in the pictures is the rubber boot I tore. The part I tore is right where the guy in the top picture has a wrench. I wasn't prying on it like he is in the picture, I was just using my hands, but as soon as it start to get over the end of the shifter, it tore.

I have spent the last hour searching online at parts places and Google but I haven't had any luck so far. The part that goes around the ball on the shifter (with the delrin inside) was not torn at all, but the part below that is what is torn and when the shifter is at the right angle, you can see part of the ball.

If anybody could just point me in the right direction that would be great. Like I said, I have been searching online anywhere I could and can't find the part I am looking for.

Thanks in advance.
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