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Hey guys, I'm trying to spread the word on an upcoming Track day being set up by us crsx'ers.

All the info is here in this thread right on the first post:

Basically the venue is Streets of Willows in Rosamond CA, AUGUST 14th!

Anyone can show up and drive, even if you have zero experience, and dont even have a dc5 or ep3.

Cost is 188$, but if we have more than 25 people the price goes down and the savings will be refunded.

Expect AT LEAST 3 hours of pedal to the metal track time, and check out some of the fastest dc5's and ep3's on the west coast. :vtec:

Again this event is hosted by US clubrsx members, so it'll be laid back, provide a great learning environment (Instructors will be available for folks that would like them), and most of all be filled with dc5's and ep3's.

Track staff has been paid for so we will have professional flaggers, fire, ambulance etc.

To register follow the link to the main thread posted above, and then follow the simple step by step instructions on using club In 10 mins you can be all signed up and ready to race!

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or the main thread, hope to see you out on the track! Invite your friends!

Folks from as far as utah, nevada, and arizona are coming out, time to rep norcal!
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