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Bought from a young lady Dec. 31st 2011 bone stock. She has come a long way since then.

May I introduce Eleni, my 2003 Type S

OEM 05-06 Front Conversion
OEM A-Spec 02-04 Wheels - Running 225/45/17
OEM A-Spec Front Lip
OEM A-Spec Badge
OEM A-Spec Rear Lip
OEM A-Spec Side Skirts
OEM Honda iS Emblems
OEM Type S Emblem
OEM JDM Visors
OEM Brembo TL-S Brake Swap - Modified Plug n Play by Cauqazn
OEM Stanley DC2 Rear Foglight
Top One Front Splitter
Bixenon Quad Retrofit - Murano Low Beam w/ STI-r Lens swap and Mini H1 6.0: XB6500K Bulbs an Morimoto 35w ballasts
Jahong16's ES300 Fog Projector Retrofit w/ OEM Fog Switch
Custom Integra Type S Side Decals
Replica Mugen Front Strut Bar
Replica Mugen Spoiler - Autosource

OEM 05-06 A-Spec Suspension

OEM A-Spec/Modulo Interior Trim Kit
OEM AP2 S2000 Cluster Retrofit
OEM 05-06 Base Cloth Rear Seats
OEM CTR Shift Knob
OEM EP3 Airbag
JDM Center Console w/ E-Brake
JDM DC5 Floor Lights
JDM ITR Momo Wheel
AUDM ITR Factory Radio w/ Optional 6 CD Changer
CDM Heated Seats Switches (non functioning just for added flare)
Hybrid Racing Short Shifter
K-Tuned Aluminium Bushings
K-Tuned Shifter Cable Bushings
ICB Motorsports Type R Style Weighted Shift Knob
Broadway 270mm Convex Mirror
Red Door Inserts
C-Pillar Bar
Replica Mugen Rear Strut Bar
12" JL Audio Sub - 1000 watt amp in standard Bose system

Type R Valve Cover - wrinkle red
Injen CAI/Fujita Filter
Innovative 60a Motor Mounts
Energy Suspension Front Mount Inserts
Invidia Q300 Catback Exhaust

Currently Sitting:




Rear Fog

Suspension Setup: EP3 Rokkers
Front Height

Rear Height

Rear Gap (Need to roll fenders, less than a credit card gap in there..)

Quad Bi-Xenon Setup, Mini D2S Low Beams Mini H1 High Beams, both 4300K


05-06 Base Cloth Rear Sets

Broadway Convex Mirror

JTC SS w/ KTuned Adaptor Plate and bushings with a 3 Inch Extension and CTR Shift Knob and ITR Shift Boot

Canadian Brides Gias V2 (Reps) Sitting on ITR DC5 Rails

AUDM ITR Radio w/ Optional 6 CD Changer (AUX splitted/converted)
Civic Si Hazard Switch

Type S Console Badge and a little AP2 S2000 Cluster Retrofit

Red Inserts.. Aspec Interior Trim and OEM ITR Floor Lights

Right when I got home with her:

Parts to Install:

To do/Future Plans List:
Top One Rear Diffuser

Comments welcome, I couldnt be happier with the way she has turned out.
Ill keep logging as I get more stuff done and new stuff one! :thumbsup:

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Looks dope. Gotta love NHBP! :)

What rims are you planning on getting?
I really want some battles or 5zigens but i may try and find some 09 si wheels or some of those si hfp wheels if they pop up for a decent price.

looks clean, needs a drop though:thumbsup:
thanks! I kinda want moar low but the roads out here are so crap id probably break something haha
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