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I'm just a humble dude out of Arizona who is just trying to create a high quality build. Figured I finally share some photos of my car with all of you since I'm pretty content with how the car sits. Enjoy. Huge thanks to the photographers for the great photos, I appreciate it.

Ok after a year or two I finally decided to start building again. More to come!  

Update post #48: The final stage

Update on pg. 2: HIN 2013

The old set up:

Bride Gias I low max (CFRP)
Bride Stradia II low max (CFRP)
Bride Seat Rail Type-LR x2
Takata MPH341 Harness x2
NRG Harness Bar
Beatrush C-pillar Bar
Nardi Deep Corn Wood Grain 350 steering wheel
NRG Quick Release
NRG Short Hub
Bubble Knob
Broadway Mirror
Mugen Room Mirror Cover
Mugen Pedals

Buddyclub P1
Aspec Side Skirts
Aspec rear lip
Aspec Spoiler w/ mini decklid
JDM DC5 Window Visors
JDM DC5 Emblems

Wheels and Suspension
Work Meister S1 3piece
Project Kics R40 Extended Lugs
Falken ZIEX 912
Stance Super Sport Coilovers
Progress 24mm Sway Bar
ASR Polished Subframe Brace
Beaks Polished lower arm bar
Function7 LCA

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nice wheels, they dont fit though.

Counting Thots
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Haha that's awesome, I hope they don't mind me posting their photos up. A friend found them and sent them to me and I couldn't resist sharing them.
They want you to share them. That's why they were taken...unless they're not done with post (but who stamps before post processing)
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