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First bought the car in mid to late 2006 with Worn Drivers side Recaro Seat bolsters ( previous owner was a fat bastard), but I got it at a good price with decent KMs on the dial.

78,xxx kms to be in fact.

Here it is in its stockest form

If you are wondering, the Australian delivered DC5R did not come with 17" wheels and brembos *sigh*

Car was pretty much lowered on King Springs for about 8 months before I even started any real modding.

Sexually frustrated.
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The Modding Begins !!! ( Mid 2007 )

Bought myself a nice shiny spoon Gear Ti gear knob.

A little Bit later I got the following mods :

Tein Flex Coilovers
Mugen Intake Air Box
J's Racing Engine Torque Damper
Cusco Rear Sway bar
Spoon throttle Body
Spoon Front and Rear Strut Bars
JDM DC5R Red Rocker Cover+Silver cover+black dip stick
Mugen Socks
Mugen oil and radiator cap

17x7.5 +43 Bronze CE28s with Advan A048 (225/45/17 ) Used off a friend for quite a good price
Black Short Rays Lug nuts

Changed clear indicators back to amber also !


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Few months later Sold the Tein Flex's and got me a set of these.

HKS Hipermax II Coilovers

Howver these felt like a step backwards to the Flex's, they were more comfy but I wanted more stiffness.

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So I sold the Hipermax's and got me a set of Buddy Club Racing Spec Dampers for a great price.

These coilovers definately felt much better in terms of damper and stiffness to the flex's and Hipermax 2.

Not to mention the connecting arm to the steering tie rod is lower in height too compared to both of them.


I was bored of my Gear knob at this stage and was getting bored of the "light" shifting feel.

So I scouted and found this interested knob.

S2K/DC5R Optional Ti Gear knob with custom burnt finish.

And I also got another gearknob for collection lol

After a several months I eventually sold my aftermarket gear knobs and went back to stock in need of $$$$


Got me a set of AKOM Inverted Tie rod ends and Steering rod bracket in a group buy

Unfortunately the cotton pin did not fit with the RSD steering arms and I needed to use 2 nuts to firmly hold it into place.

A little further down the track I got me these to help adjust less camber in the rear from lowering the car too much


Got my hands on a used TODA Catback Exhaust


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Found myself a Mugen Rear upper strut brace

And then decided to strip rear interior & Seats while installing the rear bar

I got sick of the stripped interior after a short while and decided to put it back in.

I also managed to pick up these goodies

Carbing Rear Lower Tie bar
Innovative Polished Billet Mounts in 75A
3 x Integra Hyper Rev Mags involving DC5's
J's racing C pillar bar
Benen Polished Tow hooks ( I sold these shortly after as The rear isn't secure to keep on )
APP Braided Brake Lines


Scored these goodies cheap from a mate in Japan.

KICS R40 Nuts
Mugen Boss Kit for EP3/DC5 ( This will be kept for later use )

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Random Photo Shoot with some CITR members.


Got my self a set of used Brembos, however the rear knuckle was bent from an accident.

Luckily the stock knuckle is exactly the same as the JDM and i swapped hubs.

Decided that Red caliped look was over done and decided a different Colour

Also got myself some Brembo stickers after respraying it.

And the result !!!


I've also decided to post my experience and parts needed for the swap for anyone that might need it :

What you need for the FULL swap : ( You can just get the front set up and run it that way only difference on rear is the hub's offset @ +60 & the brake calipers are aluminium.)

Front and Rear Hub
Front and Rear Knuckle
Front Lower Control Arms ( Aluminium )
Front Sway bar
Front Rotors
Front Caliper+Bracket+pads
ABS sensor lines
Proportional Brake Valve ( not 100% needed but helps in braking feel )
Bigger wheels to clear calipers ( JDM DC5R wheel specs are 17x7 +60 )

The above are needed for the full swap.

Parts you can use off the AUDM DC5R/ACURA RSX-S for the swap :
Brake lines
Hand brake cables
Driveshafts ( not recommended but some people in the US have used it )
Master Brake Cylinder ( JDM DC5R is 15/16" which is the same as AUDM DC5R - Some guys in the US say Face lifted DC5S/R has a bigger one but I am yet to find solid proof of this .)
Rear knuckle ( You can bolt up the JDM DC5R hub onto the AUDM DC5R /USDM RSX-S knuckle )
Rear brake pads

Parts you can buy locally :
DBA 4000 and 5000 brake rotors ( part # soon)
Ferodo DS2500 Brake pads - front ( FCP1561H ) - I'm pretty sure these are the same as the earlier model 350z track R brembo calipers.
Ferodo DS3000 Brake pads - front ( FCP1561R )
Rear brake pads as its same as AUDM DC5R
Braided brake lines ( same as AUDM DC5R )

Aftermarket part #'s :
Endless Super Street S Sports Front brake pads ( part # EP400 )
Endless Type R Front Brake Pads ( part # EP400TR )
Project Mu Front brake Pads - Type HC ( part # F306 )

Important parts :
Front lower control arms ( J's racing and Mugen supply these with stiffer bushings in them )
Front knuckle+hub assembly ( J's racing supply these - I will find out if AUDM is same as JDM DC5R knuckle this weekend )


Also since most hondas are 1-2 pot calipers they usually have 1 nipple to bleed per caliper for the fronts.

These brembos have 2 nipples per caliper and you will need to bleed both of them, otherwise you will have that spongy sinking pedal feel if not done properly.

Hope this information helps for anyone wanting to do the swap.


Rotors and pads were both kind of worn so I decided to change them,

Got me Ferodo DS2500 pads and DBA 4000 Slotted rotors


Picture of one of the Billet mounts installed

And got myself an Engine Start Button


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Installed the inverted Tie rod ends.

Steering arms are pretty Linear even without the installation of the Steering arm Bracket from Akom.

Most likely due to BC RSD's lower arms on the coilovers.

This is how high the car sits at the moment.

Got myself some Rice.

Friend gave me a Pivot shift Lamp.

I can now shift at high rpms smoothly while checking my makeup in the mirror.

Picked up a replica Mugen Front Bumper Bar dirt Cheap

But friend with a Red DC5R nagged me to sell it to him for a bit of profit, and I had another mate tell me off replica stuff is bad lol

So it was 2 good enough reasons to get rid of it

Thanks to a friend, who got me this really cheap and installed it for me.

Time came when I was starting to get bored of some of my mods, so I sold the following off :

Mugen Radiator Cap
Mugen Oil Cap
Spoon Front strut brace
Mugen Air intake Box

But I got the following instead :

Mugen front strut brace
GruppeM CF intake box

The GruppeM is 10 x better than mugen, much better response, much louder on WOT and the VTEC Cross over is orgasmic.

It's a shame you USDM boys cannot experience this intake due to your LHD set up.

Track day was creeping up in July 2008 and some competition between some mates began so I had to prepare and got myself the following goodies.

215/45/17 Bridgestone RE55S semi slicks ( to be used with my Silver JDM DC5R Wheels )

Got them off a mate for a good price with at least 80-85% tread left


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And Recaro SPG with head rest and backing piece.

Got this used for a good price as well

Sold off my stock SR4 Recaro ( with worn right bolster and some rips for the same price I paid for my SPG lol

Bought a new set of Bride side mounted seat rails as well for the SPG.

And just to be safe I got myself a Spoon Baffled Sump



Was a great day and nailed my nemesis on the track by a good 4-5 secs

He didn't brag about beating me ever since :rotfl:

Here are some pictures of my car on the day for your viewing pleasure.

My nemesis is the CW DC2R, and that's me prepping the car for the day

Me chasing my nemesis down the straight into a tight corner


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More pictures here if anyone is interested :


Time to service the car after track day, got myself Motul 8100 Xcess 5x-40 engine oil and decided to try this gear box oil after not liking the motul Gear 2 FF LSD.

A bit later I got myself some more rice

Not sure when I will install it though, only bought it because it was cheap

Picked up a cheap Rocker/Valve Cover and had it sand blasted down.

Question is what colour should I respray it? Was thinking takata Green or maybe polish it? lol

Will find out in a week's time


Got me some sexy street rubber


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