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Felt like updating this 2 month old thread... nothing new to the RSX (to me at least). i should snap some pics of it since i'm driving it around right now. got a :thumbsup: from an 06 Si driver today lol

but here's the roadster for now

EVO knob! :laughing:

The cockpit of the roadster.

Just working on small stuff, restoring the interior to look pretty new lookin (imagine how the interior looked on this 19 year old car when I first got it...dirty as hell)

Motor is still bone stock, raised the ride height so I can eventually tear up some roads (or some "streets" if you socal track whores know what I'm talking about) in this thing--but before that I gotta do some maintenance, and a new drivetrain.

Cheers. :beerchug:, then :sleep: like a :baby: trying to recover. :drink::drink:

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so a little update.... more goodies on the roadster, RSX has a new steering wheel, there's a buyer for the wheels on the RSX even though its never been posted for sale...
17x9/8 +35mm.

thinking of 17x10/9 as replacements.

anywho, here are some updates on the roadster:

Message originally posted by greeenteeee on 06-25-2009 at 08:59 PM:

So Megan Racing came out w/ V.2 gauges recently, that hasn't even been uploaded to their website.

This is their old version:

Here are the new ones...They are electrical 52mm gauges

Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, and Water Temp... the basics that I like to have in my cars.
Anyone else using these?

This new line of gauges include:
Water Temperature
Oil Temperature
Oil Pressure
Exhaust Temperature
Also they are introducing 120mm Multi-Function Tachometers.

Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, and Water Temperature have been already installed in the Miata... the basic engine vitals in an NA car. I was considering an Air Fuel Gauge since I read that this car runs rich from the factory.

Message originally posted by greeenteeee on 08-03-2009 at 07:10 PM:

its all back and running:

from this:

to this:

^the gauge panel is one i made, just from a flat piece of plastic.
i have a thick plate of CF but it's like 1/3" thick i'd have to take my grinder to it.
plus i dunno how i'd make holes for that one.

this is all after a wp/tb job
where i replaced the wp and relative gaskets,
tb, set timing to 14 degrees
changed coolant hoses, flushed radiator (shit was orange inside!)
probably could have changed the radiator, but to keep costs low i jsut ran it again.
could be a stage 2 cooling system overhaul when or if i decide to do the coolant reroute.

as is, water temp is read from a sender between motor and radiator.
with 180 degree stant t-stat, its at 175 cruising around.
(in fact i'm not even sure if its properly bled yet since it never got to the
point where the fans turn on, which is what, 207 degrees?)

the coolant doesn't even bubble as much compared to my previous
cooling sys. bleeding experience. its about 2 liters coolant and the rest is distilled.
i bought water wetter as i'm running it in my other car, but decided to leave it out,
to see how the coolant temps are, before and after.

i also tried to clean out the water housings... the neck, as well as the lower passage
that's affixed to the driver side bay. (i remember readnig before u can run 1.8 hoses
on the 1.6 to get rid of this piece?)

also made a ghetto BMC brace.

^it's at an angle, the brace/stopper is against the lower part of the BMC.
think it may pose some issues down the road?

oh, also, friend has an old FC thats been sitting for years that they've been trying
to get rid of ... its i considered, and i definitely would rebuild it, even if just OEM
rebuild. since my 1.6 is running fine, it'd be somethign i can do for fun, on the side
depending on if they'd let it go... plus, getting the rotary in here is a lot of work from the little research i have done...

Message originally posted by greeenteeee on 08-04-2009 at 05:00 PM:

and some pics i just shot this morning... still camera phone pics.. waiting for pics
that come from a DSLR...

now the RSX is back into sleeping mode.
it needs new brakes though, at least pads up front. the HPS are pretty done already,
i thought they'd last longer since i've only done... orr wait i guess 6+ track days
is a lot to expect from them... but since the track, it's barely been driven.

oh well.

also needs a new starter i think... it has the start up grind.

gonna do maintenance soon on it... plugs, TCT, TCT guides, adding an oil spring or whatever. probably could use a new oil pump.

You slut.
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Damn dude!
I'm usually not a fan of the Miata, but you did a great job on it! :thumbsup:

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thanks guys.

RSX is still the same to me so i don't bother updating (the first page) lol. maybe later on.

sep, its a wizdom (Garage Vary style) front bumper. got it from a homie of mine.
lets me scrape all day and not care about if it gets damaged lol.
still got the OE bumper, but don't wanna pay 100+ for a lip that i may break off anyway.

friend of mine has an old FC i though about using the 13B, but sooo much work (cut and weld) to get it in.

headlights... i changed those things like 3 times now, the last was from a homie who had
some laying around for some reason.

they are eBay shizz, don't wanna spent top dollar on something, when there's always
consideration for a sleepy eye setup later on.

next up... clutch/fly, 1.8 drivetrain w/ Torsen so I can confidently flog this thing... and also some maintenance items everywhere... then roll bar (again) and maybe new wheels depending on the direction i go. trying to make it a driftable track car lol.

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So the last oil change on the RSX was 1/11/10 @ 107k.

I drove the RSX to work this morning at 108k lol

next up... clutch/fly, 1.8 drivetrain w/ Torsen so I can confidently flog this thing... and also some maintenance items everywhere... then roll bar (again) and maybe new wheels depending on the direction i go. trying to make it a driftable track car lol.

Boss came up to me at work (never talks to me) and asked if I wanted to go to a track day. It's a private event "Industry track day" -- meaning only companies within the industry are invited. He would be taking care of the track fees so...Could I say no?? lol But he needed to know right then and there which car I will take, RSX or Miata.

I can take the RSX any time, but I don't really care to anymore at least as it stands.
Miata is far from ready but I said I'll take the Miata.

So my friend helped me source some parts, including what I'm currently working on.

It is the 1.8L drivetrain with a Torsen differential from a 1999 NB Miata. It has a 4.3 ratio gear, the same as my original 1.6L diff. The other 1.8L Torsen differentials are 4.1 so my gearing would have been off, and the Mazdaspeed Miata uses a 6spd so the final gear on those differentials are 3.6 or 3.9. Those ratios would be okay for the 6spd + boost, but my motor is bone stock.

So for now, the drivetrain is off the car-- and i'm stuck... an axle is being a PITA and won't come off the hub. So I took off the hub and I'll see if the ppl at work can help me out with this. I'm looking into making my own diff mounts, filling the stock mounts with polyurethane as I did with the RSX for the motor mounts.

Work is prototyping a new exhaust for the Miata as well, I'm bringing that home today in the RSX. Also got SS clutch and brake lines-- appropriate as it's probably been since 2008 since I've changed the brake and clutch fluid.

I'll have some pictures eventually.

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where do you work arjay?
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