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Decklid Spoiler install?

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Hey I want to install the decklid I got from a 05 RSX to my 03 RSX.
Is there such thing as a template for drilling the holes or some sort of measurement for the end holes? any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :)
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nope u just gotta use ur eye vision since the 02-04 rsx didnt have pre-drilled holes...
Double sided tape
dude i would but i'm scared that shiiet is gonna fly away LOL

edit: forgot you had a 05+
Double sided tape
double sided tape is good. mine has been on there for 7 months with tape and a few of my buddies have done the same. Just make sure you get a good quality tape and prep the area really well before you stick it on. Believe me, once you stick it you will see that it isnt coming loose.
the lid is has two bolts on the ends. drill the hatch....
i didn't feel comfortable drilling my car, i used 3m double sided tape and it's been on for a year and still not moving. jus remove the wax/dust prior to applying adhesive tape.
3m double sided tape will do. did the same with mine wen i had to re-install it.:thumbsup:
Some good double sided tape probably 3M brand. I wouldn't drill becuase if you ever take it off you got holes there you got to fill in or something.
3M double sided tape works just fine. I replace my ITR spolier with the decklid every winter.
u can use 3m tape but depending on where u live it can easily be stolen... Its more secure with the nut/bolt...
double sided tape would be good enough. it's pretty flat enough to stay on the hatch with the tape. and as long as your tape doesnt show between the cracks of spoiler and hatch, ppl wont try to pull that thing off:dontknow: . I would be more worried about the red honda and integra badge than that spoiler getting stolen.
cool thanks guys. seems like most ppl using 3M tape to hold this thing. I may try this but just scared that it may fly off and hit someone behind me driving on the highway as opposed to getting it stolen.
dude i would but i'm scared that shiiet is gonna fly away LOL

edit: forgot you had a 05+
You be trippin', 3 of our local members use double sided tape. It holds up fine.
I have one applied with 3m tape. However, I noticed that when the temperature (So Cal) gets hot, the 3m tape expands and feels really loose. I can actually see my decklid rise off the hatch, especially around the rounded-off corners. Ive been thinking about getting it drilled in, but my local Acura dealers are charging $115 for install. Does anyone else in So Cal know where I can get it installed cheap?
^ nice find. my friend put his on with doubleside tape. he bought teh thinner 3m ones. its like reallly really flushed. so i suggest getting the thinner tapes
mine is on with 3m double sided tape too. i tried taking that shit off, and it wouldnt budge rofl. it felt like i was gonna break the decklid in half before it would come off. if you do tape it, make sure you clean the hatch really well

edit: fail. who made me post in this 7 month old thread
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