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Name: Mark
Contact: email [email protected], PM, or post here
Location: Virginia Beach

Wheel Brand: Drag
Wheel model: DR-31
Diameter/width: 17" x 7
Offset: +40 or +48, i can't remember. I think it's +48
Bolt pattern: 5 x 114.3
Color: Time attack (Black with red lip)
Defects: Slight curb rash on 3 wheels from previous owner.

Tire size: 235/45/17
Tire brand: Falken
Tire model: Ziex 512
Tread life left: ~45% - 50%

Asking price: 750$ before shipping

Reason for selling: Interested in a new set of wheels used


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i see these sell alot on craigslist and never seen then on a car before.
damn they look nice
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