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$30 is the reg price this isnt a good deal
Carfax is
$34.99 for 1 report
$44.99 for 5 reports

Autocheck is
$29.99 for 1 report
$44.99 for unlimited reports for 30days

If I was buying a car, I would definitely want to run as many VINs as I could, which I did. But if I was selling my car, I would just run 1 VIN. My price is $25, which includes 1 Carfax and 1 Autocheck. I ran both and they mainly have the same info. Some differences when it comes to dealer service and I found one incident where an accident showed up on Carfax and didn't on Autocheck. But regarding a clean title, both were the same. Oh and # of owners is a little odd with Carfax. Sometimes it reports more owners, because of auto auctions, than there really are. I think Autocheck does it better. But the difference is no more than 1 or 2 owners.

BTW, just found out that AAA Premier gives you 1 free Carfax a year if you are a Premier member which is $102/year in California. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you didn't know.
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I can do $10 for both.....
I can do $10 for both.....
Well if that's the case, I just won't sell mine then. You have access to a dealer account or something?
free post muthafuckass
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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