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Differences in replica foglights?

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All the threads I have seen on the various replica foglights discuss the harness, switch, etc, but none seem to say if there is any difference in the foglights themselves. My car had the OEM switch and harness all in place when I bought it, so all I need are the lights, brackets, and bumper surrounds. Does it matter where I buy these from, or are they all coming out of the same factory anyway?
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bump. someone has to have seen more than one set
some of the fog light come with reflective shield inside the housing but some dont.
Bump. I also would like to know if they just plug into the factory wiring. I have the same situation, all I need it the lights.
do you mean the bulb? same bulb, just plug it in and turn it on.

If you are gonna buy a bulb, brackets, and ballast, then im pretty sure the replica is the same as oem
you don't need ballasts for halogen headlights.

Thanks for the info. I know the OEM fogs have the internal reflectors, do any of the replicas?
not to my knowledge. my replicas dont have shields, but it's not that big of a deal imo. if we were talking about lowbeams, then my answer would differ

if you need a replacement, i would just get replicas since you already have all the oem wiring/switch.
so replica fogs should work with oem wiring?
pretty much, the oem wiring will just plug into the bulb.
so long as the bulb is an H11 the stock wiring will work. It would work for any fogs, replica or not, that use an H11 bulb.
thanks everyone!
they are made in different factories, hence the different qualities, different hanresses, etc. There was a whole long thread that detailed all the options, search and I think you will be pleased to find that.
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