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alright so I know the basics of where to find the wires in the A-pillar and I've done the footwell LED mod.

now I'm trying to install a courtesy light inside the door panels.
I've seen this:
but that's a lot of work(wiring) for such a minor modification.

I've seen a thread where a member was being flamed for wiring his footwell lights not to the a-pillar but to the door panels because I suppose there are some wires that function the same in there. Seeing how that isn't nearly as functional as being wired to the a-pillar he was flamed big time.

however, this would make the wiring a lot easier for my purposes.

now heres my question:
does anyone know what wires I can tap into in the door panel to get dimmer features?
does anyone have the link to the thread that I was trying to describe above?

any help is appreciated, thank you for looking! :thumbsup:
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