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bjIII said:

Alright, I have been reading alot and of course I am confused. There are many people saying that it is safe to run a 100 shot and there are many people saying it isn't. Then the talking turns to direct port and single fogger systems. The main thing that I want to know is it safe to run a 100 shot off a direct port system on a 02 type s with stock internals. If it is what are a few things that I could do to make a direct port system safer. Also I will not be using it very often so does this effect the safety of it.

we don't reccommend using a shot that big, on an "s" 75 is the max we'd tell ya to do. Anything more that starts to push the "very little extra wear and tear when spraying idea". Basically, we're saying if you want that much power, you might wanna look at other options for power ( see: boost )

actually, it's funny, but due to the ratio of DP systems to single foggers, more people have blown stuff with direct port than single foggers ;)
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