Lightweight 18” 1 Piece Discontinued Rays G-Games Rims w/Tires.

Universal 5 Lug (5x114.3/5x100), Gunmetal With Polished Lip.

All 4 Rims: 18x7.5 5x114.3 +42

Tires Are Used

Front Left & Right Tire: BF GoodRich G-Force Comp-2 A/S, 225/40 ZR18.

Rear Left & Right Tire: Durun Sport-One, 235/40 ZR18.

All 4 Rims Weighing At Just 19 Pounds!

Whole Set Been On The Rsx-S Since 2003 So All 4 Lips Have Scratches/Rash (Zoom In Picture For A Better Look) That Can Be Restored By Sanding. With The Time In Your Hands You Can Make It Look Just As New! I Will Trade A Pair For A Pair Of Chrome 2pc (19”). For More Information On Purchasing Email Me @ [email protected] (I Check My Emails More) Or On Here! Forum (2003) For The Rays G-Games Rims: Rays G-Games wheel specials!!! - NASIOC