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DIY Blackout headlights (Updated technique)
Check the link for pics.

Materials required:

-Flathead screwdriver
-Philips screwdriver
-disposable flathead screwdriver
-10mm socket wrench with 12” extension
-1 can of primer (do not use CHEAP primer!)
-1 can of spray paint (low gloss)
-Masking tape
(please use painters masking tape because it does not leave residue)
-Oven w/flat oven pan and oven mitts/towel
-Crazy glue (optional if you accidentally break the tabs of the reflectors)
-12pce clamping set

Remove front bumper. We will not get into this step as it is quite simple and not covered in this DIY guide.

Step 1:
Upon removing the headlight modules, use your socket wrench and remove the metal bracket that is attached to each module.

Step 2:
Now remove the rubber plugs that cover your bulb openings. There are 2 per module. After that, proceed to remove your bulbs as well.

Step 3:
Place a headlight module onto the cloth-covered oven pan as shown in pic.

Step 4:
Pre-heat the oven to 210 degrees F / bake mode. Insert a headlight module
into the oven as shown in pic. Let it “bake” in the oven for 8 minutes.

Step 5:
After 8 minutes, immediately remove the module and pry it open using your
fingers (you may also use your disposable flat head screwdriver) starting at the pointy end of the module. They should come apart quite easily but WATCH
for the tabs along the top and bottom of the module.
NOTE: the module should be so hot that it is almost untouchable with your bare fingers. If it is only 'warm', it will NOT seperate very easily and is recommended to be stuck back into the oven and re-heated.

Step 6:
Remove the inner housing from the glass lens by unscrewing that screw (as pictured).

Step 7:
Be sure to mask off the areas where the reflectors snap into. 3 areas to be masked are: 1)the turn signals 2)the corner light area and 3)the orange reflector sides.
Remove the side reflectors and mask underneath. Use an exacto knife to cut and shape the masking tape to the outline of the reflector area.
Remove the orange signal lens and wrap it with a thin layer of masking tape. Put the masked reflector lens back into the module and prepare for painting.

Step 8:
Spray 1 coat of primer on each housing. Be sure to spray from every angle so you don’t miss the hard to reach parts. I used ‘Plastikote super primer’ in black.

Step 9:
Spray 2 coats of your choice of black paint. ‘KRYLON GLOSS BLACK’ was used.

Step 10:
Dry time! You can either let these freshly painted parts sit for at least 24-48hours so to allow dry time OR you can slap them back into the oven after 1 hour and let the oven heat dry them. Place back in oven for 15minutes at 170 degrees F. Be sure to remove your masking tape off the masked areas before inserting back into oven.

Step 11:
After you are 100% sure that the parts are dried, prepare to reinstall them back into the glass housing. Be extra careful with this procedure as you risk scrapeing off paint if the paint is not fully dry.

Step 12:
Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F / BAKE mode. Place the rear halves of the modules into the oven for 10 minutes to heat up the stock sealant. After 10minutes, immediately remove them and then re-attach the back end to the front/glass lens. Be sure to use the tabs on the top/bottom of the module as a ways to line up the 2 halves correctly.
Once they are lined up correctly, apply your clamps!

Step 13:
Remove the clamps after 10 minutes and place entire module back into the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees F. After that 10 minutes, re-apply the clamps as shown in above pic and let it cool for 10 minutes. After the stock sealant cools, the modules will have an extra tight seal thanks to the clamps. (see pix)

As you can see, the modules are sealed very tight, tighter than STOCK! And with no messy extra sealant used, you’ve maintained a clean finish to your newly blacked out headlights!


-don't bother with sanding.
-if you're not too good with spray paint, then find a friend who
is and ask him/her to help you out.
-1 complete coat of primer and 2 light coats of paint is good enough.
(do not use cheap primer!)
-and as always...please please please take your time and
be very patient with this project... YOU CAN DO IT!

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The paint you use should be the Krylon used above, or use Rustoleum paint. I have never had a problem with this paint after 30 sets of headlights.
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