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diy for repairng front bumper tab! help!

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ok need some help with this my front bumper tab where you put the screw through the fenderliner just broke and i have no clue what to use to fix it.. anyone have any ideas... its the tab that is on both sides of the bumper that you have to go through your fenderliner.. thnks !!
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mine has been broken for the longest time. i just roll without it
i dont think it does much, go without it.

or juss use superglue or duct tape!:thumbsup:
mine is broken too, it just pops back in. you should be fine.
My just broke last week too haha..Going without it
I had issues with mine as well. When the bumper is removed, you can see a black plastic piece that secures the bumper with some snap clips. I removed this (2 screws) and flexed the pieces back so that they would hold the bumper better. I believe I may have applied a little heat to the piece as I was flexing it. Hold it in position in let it cool. Reinstall the piece and snap the bumper back in. For extra holding, I also put a new screw through the fender lip into the plastic wheel well cover just below where the broken clip is. I used 1 of those U shaped metal clips that act as nut behind the wheel well cover. I also chose a nice black screw that looks stock. Everything has been installed for about a month with no problems.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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