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DIY: IMRC Delete Circuit P0661 P0662 P1077 P1078 etc.

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Currently testing a simple circuit prototype that allows the use of different intake manifolds on the base RSX without throwing engine codes. The circuit can be made in under an hr with a soldering iron and $11 in parts from amazon, ebay, radioshack or other electronic component retailers.

I will be logging 1k miles over the next week with the PPA manifold, and hope to switch over to a TSX manifold that I've modded for fitment (with base TB) over the weekend.

Results and a full DIY will be posted when completed/field tested. In the meantime here's a teaser image of the circuit itself:

Edit 18MAY2014:

IMRC Circuit MOD1 (based off schematic above):

TSX IM test fitting:


TSX IM 80% installed:

90% installed:


Test drive was a success!
I'm currently looking to source compatible plugs for the IMRC emulator for direct plug and play installation, if anyone has any tips on where to find the 2-pin solenoid plug and 3-pin IMRC sensor plug please do tell!

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the day after installing the codes for the IMRC are no longer pending or active, they are stored, no code wipe was done.
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