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Ok finally finished!

Listed below are my experiences and procedures I followed to Zainotize my NBP RSX.

First some background. I have never before used any type of WAX/POLISH before. This is the first new car I have ever owned. My last car was a 93 Probe GT. And the paint on it was crap from the first day I bought it (used 2 years). Anyways I wanted to take care of this car the right way. I did a lot of research on this board and others for taking care of paint. All I kept hearing over and over again was Zaino this and Zaino that. So I decided that after seeing as many posts as I did praising the results of Zaino I would also take the plunge.

And here the story starts… J

I started the day off at about 11:30. Here is a list of the supplies:

2 Rolled Gold Wash Mitts
3 Microfibre towels
4 Field Crest towels
2 #314’s from ZainoBros
2 Wash buckets
1 LG. Cali duster
1 SM. Cali ducster
3 empty spray bottles 16oz
Dawn Dish Washing Soap
ZFX (with its four empty 2oz containers)
Air temp approximately 60 F
Very cloudy day

Step I
I filled up one bucket with only water. The second bucket I filled up with some Dawn and water. I sprayed down the car and made sure it was really wet. I then used one of the Rolled Gold wash mitts to wash the car. I started at the top and worked my way down. I followed Homers (and others on this board (THANKS!)) by not pressing hard. You will find that you do not need to apply any pressure at all while washing. The weight of the mitt is plenty. After I finished one major area I would rinse it and rewet the car. I used circular motions with the mitt and turned it ever now and then. I was sure to rinse my wash mitt in the rinse bucket often to shake out any dirt. After I was finished washing every part of the car I thoroughly rinsed it off with the hose.

Step II
After rinsing I took one of my empty spray bottles and added ½ of a cap of Z-7 to 16oz of water. I then used the Z-18 (clay bar) and the water/z-18 mixture to clay the car. This was a fairly simple process. I sprayed where I was about to clay. It was really interesting to feel the little bar picking up debris from the surface of the paint. You can really feel it doing its job. I was careful to fold it regularly to hide the large contaminants it was picking up so as to not scratch the car. I used a back and forth motion (left to right). *note: I was a little worried about using this bar because of conflicting views of people on this item. However, I can assure you I will from now on highly recommend it because of the simple fact I have NO scratches AND/OR swirls after I completed this entire process. Sorry to ruin the finish early L

After completing my claying process of the entire car I emptied out my two wash buckets that I used in Step I. I then refilled my rinse bucket with just water again. I them used two cap fulls of Z-7 in the second bucket I filled with water. I also dumped in my unused Z-7 water mixture from Step II. I used my second wash mitt to apply the Z-7. I used the same procedures from Step I for the rest of this step.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Drying. After researching this car washing topic to death I have found that this is one of the most critical steps in washing a car to make it swirl free (Especially a black car like ours). What was really cool was that after I finished Step III I had no water spots at all! It was amazing! Z-7 is a great product! I used just one field crest towel to dry the car. I started at the top and worked my way down. I did not press on the towel while moving it across the cars surface. When I came across a large area of water I just sat the towel down on top of it and pushed gently. I cannot stress enough that you do not need to push down on the towel! I did find a ton of little fibers left by the towel after I was finished. I believe this was more-than-likely due to the fact that I did not wash them before using. I used the LG Cali duster to remove them. It worked perfectly.

Its Zaino time! I was actually really excited about diving into my first polishing job. I started off by using the Z-6 and a microfiber towel. I lightly tapped the Z-6 trigger and let it fly! I used the microfibre towel to wipe the area dry. I used left to right motions on the side of the car and up and down motions on the hood/top/rear deck. I was from this point on mesmerized by the results. It was like looking into a mirror when I looked at the car (which only got better to my amazement as I completed the following steps). I could also see the hint of blue in the paint! This color (NBP) is sooo amazing! I did not notice the hint of blue before this point. Needless to say I was/am REALLY stoked! =)

I mixed about 1.5 oz of Z-2 with 8 drops of ZFX in one of the ZFX mixing tubes. I shook it like CrAzY for two minuets. I then used one of the #314 pads and the mixing bottle to apply the Z-2. The whole time I was applying this stuff I could hear Homers voice in my head “Head my warning newbie, you need not apply too much. Use sparingly. A little goes a LONG way. Trust in me. You are applying plenty.” If you have no clue what I’m talking about you will when you use this stuff hehe. To put it in perspective this 1.5oz mixture is MORE THAN ENOUGH to last you trough at least three trips around your entire car. I applied this stuff in a left to right, up and down motion using the pad. Remember use little tiny itsy-bitsy amounts! The car took about 45 min to dry. I did the “swipe your finger across a section” test. When you can swipe your finger across the surface w/o having the Z-2 smear it is ready to take off. I used another microfiber towel to wipe the Z-2 away. I pushed it across the surface in the same direction I applied it. WOW! Is all I could say to myself, or maybe Homer heard me if he was there beside me J. It looked SOOO amazing! I have been to a few car shows and the cars at those would be hard pressed to look much better than what mine did after this application of Z-2!

I repeated Step V. Using the same towel and bottle. Same method was used.

Next up was the Z-5. I used my other #314 zaino cotton applicator. This time I went in the opposite direction as the Z-2 that I applied in Step VI. 45 min. later I wiped clean with another microfiber towel.

I repeated Step V. Using the same towel and bottle. This time I went in the opposite directions. Up/down was switched to left/right and vis versa…

I repeated Step. VI. Only change was I went in opposite directions.

I repeated Step V. Using the same towel and bottle.


I hope this little guide has helped anyone out that is on the fence about this product. I was a skeptic, but not any more! This stuff is truly amazing. I however, cannot speak for any color other than Nighthawk Black Pearl. I cannot believe how amazing this car looks after using this stuff. What is even sweeter is when you look at it from about 2 feet you can see the blue in it! UNREAL! Also, after you are finished with step XI you truly do see what the “3D” look is all about! I saw me looking at me, looking at me, looking at me…. My car was simply a $23,000 mirror. I can’t wait to take it out in the morning to catch some looks J

On a side note I used the SM CALI duster on the inside of the car for the first time today while waiting for the Z to dry. This thing really is all its cracked up to be! Not only did it dust like it is acclaimed to do so well, it also removed the scuffmarks off of the plastic. Like I stated above, I have only had this car for three weeks. It already has scuff marks from my and my g/f’s shoes. And trust me I am as carful as I can be while around this car. Anyways, I decided to run the duster across them just to see what would happen. To my amazement it removed them!

Needless to say I am very happy with my purchases. These being the Zaino and all of the supporting products. I am just an ordinary guy with little car experience. So you can take it from me that these things are very easy to use and no hassle what-so-ever.

Homer could you advise me on how I would go about being a distributor of Zaino in the Ohio area? I would be more than happy to support this great product!

Thanks again to everyone who has posted on this board to help out! You guys/gals are great!

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You may have said it and I might have missed it, but what time did you finish everything?

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I guess I left that out... I finished at around 4:00.

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:thumbsup: Great posting.

I think Sal still has a moratorium on new Z distributors. I was one of the last, if not the last, distributors named last summer.

And should I say that your finish will look better in the months to come, especially after you first wash it with the Z-7 and apply a couple more coats of Z-2?
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