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LOL wut
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that your bike isnt cooperating with you? well thats what i felt today...i tried to slow my pace down in the mountains because i wanted to avoid scraping my slider...didnt work btw. Also my tires just werent heating up! but they were all shredded up when i got to the top... had a couple close calls on my way back when i kinda dozed off...had a front tire slide:noes: i have a feeling my front forks are blown again :( yeah i called it an early day...and i just got home:(

on a lighter note...there was 2 1098s up there..everyone was all oooh ahhh...then this guy with a tri-colore came, lol....everyone forgot about the 1098s'

Couple Truonos, a 999s, MV agusta on...

just needed to vent a little
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