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Does this stance look a little high??

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2003 RSX, base model
I had lowering springs on this car, but kept scraping everywhere. So I purchased a set of OEM struts/springs from a friends 2005 RSX type-s and put them in (the whole assemblies, front and rear)
Now the car looks super-jacked up in the rear. What do you guys think?
This is my daughters car, who is learning to drive, so a higher ride height is a good thing, but this is rediculous.

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No but it does look the the front to back wheel gap looks off on the right front wheel. Stock height is very high on these cars.
Dude that frt. wheel spacing slapped me right off! Something ain't right about that? Tuff call do to shading, but it almost looks like a slight paint veriance from fender forward, yet there's a good line coming off the fender to the front bumper cover. I'd be more worried about that?
The front end has had it's panels repainted very poorly... different shade of silver on every panel just about....thats OK its a beater.
Surprised I noticed that? Sittin' a lil high myself. My Man, It's a classic. To this day I have Z28 camaro's and the like. I have had my TS for many moons. just hope she don't fall in love in there, With that ride. Good pick, You'll be alright! ;)
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