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I am betting that this is going to be an issue for the Acura people, but I figure that it's worthwhile posting it here to see if anyone has any ideas....

The other day I drove into NYC right after the huge snowstorm. On my way down, the rear hatch started to lock and unlock every 2-3 seconds. I played with the lock and unlock switch on the driver side to see if I could get it to stop. After it went on for 2-3 minutes, my unlock/lock switch on my door stopped working.

It wouldn't work until the next morning when I got into my car, and it seemed fine. A little later, the same thing happened. It seems to be getting progressivly worse. Now, sometimes when I try to unlock the doors, they immediatly lock again to the point where I have to manually unlock them to get out of the car.

Anyone ever have an issue like this before?
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