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Best way to dry your car.......chamois?? synthetic chamois?? terry towels?? microfibre towels?
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the black crsytalline effect . .thats what ive named it (worldwide patent pending) :D

it seems its simply the natural results from the ingredients in darker paint

anyways - onto the new topic - secret water hiding places

you guys have it tough

i have washed a couple of rsx's - and the first time i did one, i could NOT belive the amount of water that came from the mirror support area . . it was like a tiny hose was leaking . .

air will help - time helps

all cars have these secret spots - and yes, sometimes you just cant wait them out

take a quick spin when you are done everything else - and take along with you...

a nice soft cloth (see above for note re 100% cotton) and a detail spray - whatever you use. when you get a couple of blocks, pull over - wipe gently and spray

any better solutions - and im all ears on this one - cause i dont have the bals to use a leaf blower yet either, and compressed air isnt in my garage . . .
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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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