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Best way to dry your car.......chamois?? synthetic chamois?? terry towels?? microfibre towels?
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miztahsparklez said:
worst part = hatch

open the hatch when you just washed your car.... you wont be happy =)
Yeah, the hatch sucks... The first time I was going to clean the hatch jam, I had already finished Drying and Z-6'ing the car, and then BAM! I was angry. :mad: Same thing with the hood too...

One of these days I'll get an air compressor to get some of those mirror type spots.

As for the topic, I use a combination of the California Water Blade and big fluffy towels. I don't remember the name of the towel, but it's leagues better than what I dry myself with after a shower. The Water Blade is awesome for getting most of the water off, and I keep it in its little plastic container when I'm not using it to make sure it doesn't get jacked up.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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