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Best way to dry your car.......chamois?? synthetic chamois?? terry towels?? microfibre towels?
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Leaking Mirrors

Yes i have that too, but too simple to fix. But requires a amount of gas. What i usually do is after i dry the whole car, in the sidekirts, the hatch and everything you can. What i do is drive extremely fast around my neighboorhood and that usually makes all the water come out again. Your thinking your car will get some dust on it again and risk scratching the paint when you wanna dry that excess water that comes out!?!?!?!? well what i do is get my quick detail spray from meguiar's and just spray it near the water stuff, and i dry the car with it. Yeah it doesn't stay on there, but beats taking the mirror apart or have water marks.
I was thinking of buying a refillable 10 Gallon compressedair tank, with a pistol tip. It holds upto 125psi. Would this work for drying the entire car.
Re: Leaking Mirrors....

Drew187 said:
When I dry my car I open the doors, and pull part of the rubber gasket off the back of the mirror, theres only about 3 or 4 little hooks that keep it on. Lossening the pressure releases the water faster, and I just let it drain while I dry the rest of the car.
I zainoed the inside of my hatch and wash it and dry it every time I wash the car.
I use The Absorber too. Works quite well. For the door/hatch "water hiding places", I use some small terry-cloth towels. Who cares if they leaves tiny scratches, since those areas are impossible to see when the car is closed up anyway?

As for the mirrors, they are the WORST. I washed my car Tuesday night, and WEDNESDAY MORNING when I got to work, I saw the typical water trails from water that leaked out of the mirrors. And me without my Quik Detailer. :(

You car care nuts might wash too often for this to be cost effective, and I haven't tried it myself (yet), but how about those little cans of compressed air? You know, the ones sold to blow out/clean your computer, etc.? I'm going to try that on my mirrors next time I wash to flush out all of that water. But you fanatics who wash every other day, and spend the whole day doing it ;) , those cans would probably not last long enough. Probably be more cost effective to just buy yourselves compressors.
I used to use cotton towels, but got sick of the lint. So I switched to the absorber a while back and I like it a lot. If it gets dirty, you just throw it in the wash. Just be sure the car is very clean when you dry it, cause any dirt you pick up with the absorber is going to rubbed agains the paint while you're drying it.
I personally use a car squeegee to wipe off most of the water then I use a synthetic chamois and pat any excess water away. Notice I sad pat and not wipe. This works really well for me.
Too late, I washed my car for the first time, then thought I would get any water that got in the hatch cracks, so I popped the hatch to get at them.... sigh......

miztahsparklez said:
worst part = hatch

open the hatch when you just washed your car.... you wont be happy =)
yea how do i dry the paint inside the hatch? i have a black car and the water spots are very UGLY around the hatch where the seals suck onto the car.
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