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wdsonny said:
7psi on JRSC. Only changes since last dyno run are: K-Pro. Semi-stock calibration. VTEC window, 3600-5000RPM. Retarded ignition by 2 degrees. Comptech RH.
Sonny just a guess I look at the dyno results it looks like that your fuel consistancy is the problem I am wondering if the 440 injectors are holding you back, you may want to try bigger injectors. Make me wonder why now the new kits come with 550 injectors maybe they know something they are not telling us. It could be that the 440 are great for 5psi but are margainal on 7psi of boost, that why they are putting 550's. I compared your sheet to mine and what I see is that your car really dips on the A/F when the rpms come up. If you look at mine you will see that it is more consistant.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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