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Hey everyone! (Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, please move if needed).

So I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and the paint IS REALLY BAD. In the pictures below you'll see. But I'm very new to detailing so I don't know if I should use certain products over others since of the state of my paint. I've looked at the recommended products and got a good idea of what I should need, but I have absolutely no idea. :lol:

For the pictures the paint swirls are actually not shown as bad as they are, times the pics by 2 and thats how bad it is. The white massive chipped part is "a mark from some hail" but I think its something else, its also dented, and next to it is some scratched marks that I think are key marks. Also I have chips throughout from the highway. Also, bumped rash, should I sand this down and bondo it? or something else? Also, a strip of the side is having something weird happen to it that I have no idea, and my door handle is pretty scratched. Also, paint transfer, how to get it out? Also, I think some rust is starting to form on the door, not sure. Lastly, front bumper holes, how to fill those? Thanks everyone! :)

side that is acting weird.

paint transfer

door handle

paint swirls

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