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Ecu tune can blow head gasket?

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Do you guys know if an Ecu tune / Calibration from a shop who dyno tune my car can make my head gasket blow? Or its just wear and tear?

Im asking because a friend of mine used my tune and we went to track then he said that my tune blows his head gasket?
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No one should ever run a tune that wasnt applied to their exact setup.

For a base map, while you very gently drive it to the tuner, sure if every component in the system is the same or damn similar(intake manifold, header, exhaust, literally anything else). But absolutely not all-out at a track. I wouldnt even drive it over 5k on a tune not made for my car.

Your tune was designed to get the most out of your car with your mod configuration.

If homie is salty, it was he who took the risk here.
I understand your opinion and info and thanks for that.

I have another question. Since I had my setup tuned before but now I change each part again, can I still use the calibration that was tuned from my old setup? or you would recommend me to get another tune?
It's always recommended to update your tune with performance parts change. Especially for changes to Exhaust, intake, or engine components.
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