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Encouragement to get to the circuit

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Hey guys, I just picked up a 2005 RSX-S to do open track days with so I will post my progress here and hopefully encourage more people to get on a circuit and have some fun. If you guys go to Laguna Seca, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Spring Mountain, Button Willow, Streets of Willow, Auto Club Speedway, Chuckawala, or Arizona Motorsports Park let me know! We can do some friendly battles together.

I just won the car at a Copart auction for $4,200. It looks to be in rough shape, but I am going to be refreshing it. The following is a list of things I am doing within the next couple of months.

-Mugen front bumper
-Mugen rear wing
-Devsport front chassis mounted splitter
-Devsport side skirt splitters
-J's rear diffuser
-Honda EP3 steering wheel
-Championship white paint job
-K-tuned rear camber kit
-new headlamps
-DC5 association front and rear subframe collars
-DC5 Association engine mount kit
-Braile 11 pound battery
-17x8 RPF1 wheels
-Falken RTK615K+ 225/45R17
-Energy suspension full poly bush kit
-Backyard Civic brake duct cooling kit
-EBC 5000 2-piece rotors
-PBS Pro Race pads
-M Factory LSD
-M&M Honda aluminum shifter rigid collars
-Buddy Club Racing Spec damper kit

P.S: I am going to be selling the following parts so if you need any of these things let me know:
-Civic Si wheels
-Front bumper and lip
-Aftermarket steering wheel and hub
-Air intake
-whatever suspension is on it now (it looks lower than stock, but I won't know what it has until the car is delivered to me from the auction facility).

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That will be a nice $10,000-$12,000 in new parts investmented into the car. looking forward to seeing the progress.

I am sure the list will grow.
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Wow. They made a killing on that car. They probably got it for $900 IF that much.

They just offered me $1000 for mine and my car is in WAAAYYYY better condition.
Type R K20A from an Accord Euro R going in. Gotta love the ease of working on these cars!

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So was the original engine shot?
No, it was perfectly healthy. However, it was a K20A2 from a 2002-2004 Type S. Apparently a previous owner decided to put that in here without doing the wiring to make it run right. Instead of doing custom work to get an inferior motor/trans to work, I figured I would go with the high end.
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Anyone here competing in the Honda Time attack challenge at Willow Springs on February 26th? I'll be their in my white type S

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