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ep3 5 spd, a2 longblock, tsx heads, tsx block, element block

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contact me here, email salesATsuja1motoringDOTcom, or call 630-407-0711

ADDED: EP3 5 speed (never been opened stock) transmission in perfect working order, no grinds, smooth shifts, 60k miles: $600 OBO

prices are OBO, shipping is additional.

alright, garage cleanup sale time... here goes.

k20a2 02-04 type S throttle body, complete other than missing iacv: SOLD.

K20a2 RSX-S assembled from valve cover to oil pan, #3 cylinder's around 90 psi where the others read 130-140, other than that, this motor still drove like a champ when removed. $1200

tsx bare block, one of the coolant passage (water pump housing) bolt is broken and will need to be extracted: $400

tsx heads: 1 needs resurfacing, other's perfect.

perfect: $600 bare, $850 with complete rockers
resurface needed: $550 bare, $800 with complete rockers

Element assembled block with crank, rods, pistons: $550

6 speed RSX-S transmission, good working condition, just high mileage around 100k: SOLD
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ill offer 450 for the trans and come get it or pay the shipping.....
pm sent.
tranny pending sale to akinaspeedstars1... see you sunday!
still got the tranny?
still got the tranny?
trans sold
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