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Ep3 bleeding issues.

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Clutch went to the floor one night heading home replaced the master and slave. having a hard time bleeding fluid seems to not even get to master. tried vacuum thought that was working but its just old fluid but i disconnected everything and nothing is flowing just from the reservoir. Had my pops help multiple times. am i missing something?
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Check all of the lines and make sure nothing got kinked and the fittings aren't leaking. Either the fluid isn't getting to the hydraulics, or the hydraulics aren't getting the fluid to the clutch. Could have a leak somewhere that caused the issue to begin with.
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issue to begin with.
OK Waffle Deluxe I'm so glad your enabling me to find my nitch.
am i missing something?
Bleed it. Ya just might have air in your lines.:confused: Otherwise , yes fluid would be evident and it's not hard to track. a leak from there to here.
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