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Hey everyone, I finally got new wheels and tires for my 02 RSX, and this will be a quick look at them.
I got the wheels from Unleashed Wheels for a great price, made sure to check all the sites and this site had the lowest one:
The shipping from the site was quick and the service was quick was attentive, so I easily recommend the site.

I'm really happy with the look of the wheels! The wheels are ESR SR-08 wheels in a Machine Face finish. The offset is 30. The polish is nice and bright, especially in person.
Having owned the wheels for a month and a half, I've been very satisfied with the overall quality. I have no complaints--in terms of getting good looks and bang for the buck, I feel like I came out on top.

However, I wouldn't advise the tire fitment I went with unless your front fenders are rolled (which mine aren't.) There's some harsh rubbing going on, and I wish I got either a smaller fitting tire or less aggressive offset.

The tires I'm running with them are Hankook Ventus 12 evo2 (245/40-17).
The tires handle very well, though. I also got an $100 rebate for them, on ebay (discount tire direct) and it seems like they have the rebate deal often, so it's worth checking out.

Feel free to ask me questions related to the setup.
Pictures here!
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