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uab said:
Well this baby is gone..

For what happened:

anyways, i hope i get a decent amount of money back from insurance, with that after paying off the car, i should still have around 6 grand left for a new car.

Right now im tore between the G35 Coupe and Evo.

The G35 is downright SEXY, its has more luxury options than the EVO. Decent amout of power and RWD.

However the EVO is AWD and factory turbo, easy to make fast and with decent looks, but the interior feels and looks cheap.

Any opinions, also since this board is more visited by non rsx owners, any of you guys have either car? can you tell me what was the OTD price you paid for them?

mitsus have a terrible track record. add turbo to the mix and that makes it even worse. what about the sti?
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