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Evo2 Install (Cat/B-P Gasket ?)

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(Type-s) I got my Evo2 today and I just want to make sure that I'm not in for any suprises when i go to install the exhaust. It came with the gasket and nut/bolts for the b-pipe/axle so im good there. Now to the cat/b-pipe connection, nothing else was included in the box, I know that I will need to replace the 3 self locking nuts as mine are rusted. But whats confusing me is the gasket between cat/bpipe. I have searched and ive seen posts that said the type-s has no gasket, others where there is metal flange crushed between the two, and other posts where people have gotten donut gasket for the connection. Can anyone clear this up for me?
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I just installed this exhaust and I was suprised it didn't come with a gasket for the cat also. I knew the donut gasket wasn't going to work and I already had the entire OE exhaust off, so I wound up installing the EVO without a gasket between the B-pipe and cat for now. Doesn't seem to be leaking, but I would like to fix it, if need be. I've read about some people making their own gasket by cutting it out of gasket material, but that's not really want I'd like to do.
FWIW I installed my evo 2 a couple months ago and only used the hardware they supplied and I have had no problems.
I went ahead and installed the exhaust that day with no gasket between cat/b-pipe. Its been 5 days and absouletly no problems.
Well, we'll see what happens. I'll have to get under there one day and see if there's any soot leaking from between the joint. I think it should technically have a gasket there, but it's going to need the 3-hole flat type and good luck finding one that fits.
Well I went to Autozone to look for a gasket for the EVO2 since it's been bothering me knowing I probably should have installed one. I picked up two that should work. Part numbers EG24011 and EG24154, made by ROL Gaskets ( EG24011 is a soft lead type gasket and EG24154 is an all metal type. It looks like EG24011 may fit better, but I think the all metal one will be better since it should take more heat. They were cheap (like $3-4 each), so I bought both and will see which one works better.
I installed my Evo2 about a month ago, no gasket between cat/b-pipe either. So far so good, no leaks or soot around the connection. I had the same concern when I opened the box.
Thanks for those parts numbers, wrote em down for the next time ill be at autozone. Its been perfect so far without the gasket, and i dont see any leaks happening in the future but for $3 might as well have in the garage.
FYI, I matched them up to my OE exhaust and it looks like EG24011 will fit better. EG24154 is a bit too small and the holes don't line up. The only way to make it work would be to remove material and notch out the holes, so I'd go with the other one.
It doesn't need a gasket just tighten the bolts i forgot to how many lbs though, i have the evo 2 as well.
It doesn't need a gasket just tighten the bolts i forgot to how many lbs though, i have the evo 2 as well.
Well my exhaust makes a popping sound when I let off the gas at low RPM, which sometimes is an indication of an exhaust leak. I can't see those two flanges mating up perfectly enough to seal the exhaust.
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