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exhaust leak with jrrh

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i bolted on my new stuff today (jrrh and buddy club exhaust pro spec) and i have a exhaust leak where the header bolts onto the test pipe. i could feel it with my hand, its a pretty good leak, i tightened down the bolts as best i could but nothing helped. how long can i drive around like this before i have a major lean condition? i need to go on a trip in a few minutes (50 miles to, 50 miles back) and i dont need anything blowing up on me. ideas? i know i need to order a new gasket (link?) but what can i do in the mean time?
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i reset the ecu just for the sake of it. a few miles on the road the cel came on and stayed on for a while. there has been random idle surge (when the clutch is pushed in the rpms go back and forth on the lower portion of the band while the car is still moving) but once the car is sitting still it will idle fine. well, on the way home i noticed the cel turned off. that is kinda weird isnt it? it hasnt come back on
bump, any ideas?
I'd say you need a new donut gasket. I'm not sure if the stock one will fit, but if you measure the pipe diameter at the flange, you would know.
naw the stock one is too big. is it safe to drive like this until i can get a new one?
Well leaking exhaust isn't the greatest, but unless you sit idling for 1/2 an hour with the windows open, shouldn't hurt. I would take it apart and measure for the exact diameter hole that you need, and then troll around an auto parts store, ask if they'll let you into the back and measure what's there, you may get lucky.
um, i have to order it from the states, these german auto shops really suck and they dont sell that kind of thing. you have to take it to an exhuast repair shop, and once they see the missing cat im done for. any ideas where i can get it from? i couldnt find shit on jacksons website.
Well, I would take the old gasket off (may be a bitch, but it's got to come off anyways), take it with you to an exhaust shop and say give. They don't need to see your car.
there is no gasket there. i dont have anything to work with really.
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Then take the measurements to the shop, tell him the motor is out of your car and you can't get it there for them to fix.
I am having this problem also...its my dount gasket is shot, and need to get a new one so its flush...they deteriorate after time...
Yeah, I'm using the same one that came with the header when I bought it used last year. I'll tell you what, I'll crawl under my car tomorrow, I have two other cars to do maintenance on anyways, and I'll measure the exact pipe diameter and then I'll see if I can find one in town, we have a few good parts stores around, I may get lucky. If I do, you guys can PM me and maybe we can set up something for me to mail you the product or I can at least give you the part number to order from whoever makes the correct size.
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