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If its not listed; its not for sale or hasnt been listed for sale yet....DONT ASK PLEASE

Items are described to the best of my ability
Pickup in Tysons, VA
Cash Only
Not Shipping big stuff

All pictures linked pictures below and additional condition pictures are in the link below mods please let me know if this isnt allowed

Part 1

3. 05/06 Plastic Grilles

Lower Grille:25
- includes license plate relocator, 7/10 condition

20230220_145926 by Alex Tank, on Flickr

4. Passenger door: 75

  • Some chips on the corner under the door guard
  • Paint is in goodish to good shape, can use a buff (8/10)
  • Small ding/dent in corner by fender
  • Glass is in good shape, tinted 20%
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE: Mirrors, trim, garnish, gaskets, interior panel
5. Door trim Newer pair: 80
- 1 Year old, 9/10 condition

Refurbished: 30
- Stripped/Sanded and painted black, fading in clear coat, 7/10 condition

20230220_144349 by Alex Tank, on Flickr

8. Windsheild Wipers: 40

- Refinished landau black 8/10

- Newer Wiper blades

20230220_145157 by Alex Tank, on Flickr