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Hey guys,

Recently took my 2006 DC5 running Wilwood Dynalite BBK to Streets of Willow. After one session, the brake pedal got incredibly soft. I drove the 2nd session much more cautiously. It felt as if I could get similar braking power but it took much more pedal travel before brakes began to bite. And my pedal was going to the floor whenever I had to threshold brake.

Key configuration info:
Running Motul RBF660 fluid, replaced days before trackday
Running Wilwood BP-20 pads, replaced and bedded same time as fluid change
Didn't have time to resurface or buy new rotors before trackday / new pads
Pedal travel to initial bite went from almost instant before trackday to no bite until pedal about 1" in after 2 sessions

After last session, noticed some moisture around two bleeder nuts.

Any hypotheses on what's wrong and how to check?
I bought some Endless fluid and new rotors but fear I may have to replace brake master cylinder :-/
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