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Flyin Brian
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Im looking for a S2000 for the summer. I cannot afford both so I will have to sell my RSX. I can go on an on about the great care ive taken of it but there a lot of photos so see for your self. Front has some chips from highway driving.

I have a lot of people on here who can vouch for me so if you need any refrences let me know.

Car: 02 RSX-S Nighthawlk Black Pearl (Black)
Milage: 81k
Title: Clean
Price: ...I have a price in mind, offer me something and well go from there (No I will not sell it for 10k so get out.)



.A-Spec Front Lip
.A-Spec Spoiler
.Mugen CARBON FIBER front bumper
.DIY Blackouts
.Xneon Depot 6k HIDs
.Falken Circut Spec 17x7 with Falken Tires( 70% tread left) (Wheels are not pictured)
.Redout Taillights


.JDM Type-R Shift Knob
.Corbeau FX1 Seats in Black. ABP (Artic Blue Pearl) Paited back.
.Corbeau Railings
.Mugen Rep. 4 pt. Harness


.Injen CAI Intake
.Injen SRI Intake
.No Name SRI Intake
.DC Race Header with Defouler
.HKS Powergetter Exhaust (60mm)
.ESMM Motor Mounts (Red)
.Inglas Torque Damper
.ACT Heavy Duty 6 Puck Sprung clutch


.Skunk2 Springs
.Skunk2 Coilover Springs (Brand New In Box)
.Tanabe Front Strut Bar
.Megan Lower Tir Bar (Blue) (Brand New in Box)

Also Comes With:

.Extra Passanger Black Out Headlight
.Extra Pair of Halo Headlights


cracker jack box driver
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might wanna part out. ull get closer to that price that u have in mind.

seeing as how most 02s with similar mods go for 9500-12000.

u can keep all your intakes, mugen bumper, wheels, seats and any other mods. and ill offer blue book value 10500.

im not a mind reader so if that price is really to low please throw out a price so that those of us that are interested know and if its out of our price range we can move on.

Flyin Brian
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I didnt plan on getting any more than 12k for the car...Anyways, for the condition its in I think I can get more that 10k for it. The S2k I was looking at was sold yesterday, so I might be keeping the car longer than I thought.

So If I do find the s2k this summer, Im gonna be keeping the RSX till I par it out. Just take it off my insurance till I get all the parts sold and someone to buy the car. So untill I find an s2k the car is on ice for sale.

Ill keep you and everyone posted thanks.
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