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I used it a couple of times and gave some swabs to my friend that also has Camera. Im just going to go to canon to have my camera cleaned. Thats why im selling.

Comes with everything including Vacuum, magnifying scope, cleaning solution. I have 10 skinny swabs and 2 medium swabs in the kit. This is newer one with a on/off switch on the magnifier. I know the older one you had to hold the button while looking through it.

Bought it 3 weeks ago from B&H. Ill take 75 shipped and ppl'd. I don't have a wide angle at the moment so this is the best i could pic wise. Pm with questions please. Also offers are always welcome.

I have only used this a few times. Very cool stuff. You can use as many flashes as you want from what i understand. I bought a extra H Radio receiver plug and 2 shoes for the canon flash so you can have full wireless capability.

Asking price is 225.00 shipped for everything.

1: 1 transmitter
2: 2 "H" prong plug receivers
3: 2 Wein hot shoe flash adapter for receivers.

i accept paypal and checks.

Paypal addy is [email protected]

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