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F/S...Falken 17" Circuit Spec

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Hey guys seling A set of Falken Circuit Spec 17x7. The tires have 70-80% tread left. Looking to get $400. There is some minor curb rash which is normal for anyone that dds' their car...

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bump price - $450
New price: $425
$400 Bump...need these gone need cash for some bills...
:iamwiths: and where are you located?
$400 with tires?
yes 400 with tires...
:iamwiths: and where are you located?
im the Bethlehem, PA. Thanks
bump need this gone...
400 with tires ? how much is shipping to mn 55130 ?
decent looking wheels for pretty low price
btw.. how much they weigh?
i am not exactly sure...sorry
Still for sale??
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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