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  • To follow ClubRSX's rules, there will be no group buy threads allowed. This includes trying to set up a group buy, informing of a group buy on another site, sharing information on a group buy. If you post something against the rules, your thread will be deleted, you will be pm'ed as well.
  • If someone brings up a topic that has been discussed before, no need to flame them or make an ass of yourself. Everyone was a n00b at one time - simply provide them with the link or answer.
  • There have been alot of review threads popping up lately.
    There is no need for anymore than one, if you post up a new review thread for a kit that already has a review thread, it will be merged and you will get a warning.
    Please don't flood the forum with duplicate threads.
  • If you feel there is a problematic thread or someone causing trouble, PLEASE report the posts, or PM me (Big Cam). Thanks!
Thank you!

HID Threads
  • HIDo's & HIDon't - The HID Lighting Tutorial (credit:mojorizin) Link
  • H.I.D Tutorial - Dos and Don't (credit:Koi) Link
  • Analysis and Design of HID Lamp Ballast (108 page) Link
  • Link
  • See how different HID on RSX :-Insperation Link
  • HID Tutorial Thread, how HIDS work, written by Todd (RSX-CT) Link For Thread
Install Threads
  • HID Retrofit :-ShoDaoGUN Link 1 Link 2
  • 05 Philips 4300K HID Install :-theycallmebutter Link
  • 05 RSX Dual projector HID retrofit :-RSX-CT Link
  • XenonDepot 6000K HID Install Pics :-Grammo Link
  • ClubRSX Project RSX - Xenon Depot HID Kit Install ] Link
Fog Light Questions & Links
  • Foglight uses H11 bulbs
General Headlight Questions
Tail Lights
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