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I do not want to sell this car but its not practical where i live so i need to get myself a truck. Posting this to see how quick i could sell the car
I'm the second owner of this vehicle and Ive had it since it has 136000 miles and its how has 14800. i did oil changes religiously ever 3000 miles. the car runs excellent for how many miles it has.

Spotless interior and everything functions properly.
tear in the drivers seat
Clean paint job for the amount of miles. some scratches, one that is noticeable but could be buffed out if necessary.
BRAND NEW CLUTCH. installed not even 200 miles ago. no grinds
short throw shifter
double din head unit
8000 k hids (yeah ricer)
rota p45 r wheels 18 x 9.5 (no rub)
the lip of the rear wheels are faded but not on the front for some reason
one of the wheels is chewed up because of a pothole, about 2 inches long.
other then that the wheels are spotless and look excellent after a polish
tired are federal ss 595 225/35/18 and they have 80 percent life left
tein street basics coilovers. spring clunk in the front because its slammed. if the noise bothers you, all you have to do it raise it and it will stop.
15 percent tint
will include stock suspension and stock wheels if you want them
also have a rear camber kit and inverted tie rod ends that will be going with the car if you want them

with rotas - 6500
without - 6000

do not lowball me. i wont go any lower. located in new jersey but im willing to drive a good bit. 9737030419 call me or text if you have any questions.

let me know if you want more pictures
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