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Yea, the car glows!
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The following items are for sale. Allow me to say that most of the items are in show car quality condition, as many individuals on the board can vouch for my car. These parts are all off the car, and ready to be picked up.

Buddy Club Short Shifter + Shifter & New Shifter Cable Bushings + DC5 Knob w/nut - SOLD
Buddy Club N+ Coilovers + Ingalls Rear Camber Kit + T1R Inverted Tie Rod Ends - SOLD
Bronze Volks Racing CE28N with Bridgestone RE01R's - SOLD
Defi Package in Amber Color (Red) - SOLD
Innovative Mount Set (Street 60A) - SOLD
RED JDM DC5R Recaro's with rails - SOLD
Used T1R Inverted Tie Rod End- SOLD
ARC Intake with Suction Tube - SOLD
Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blades - SOLD
Spoon Radiator Cap 1.3BAR - SOLD
Fujitsubo RM01-A Exhaust - SOLD
RSX All Season Floor Mats - SOLD
Some Generic Spacers - SOLD
Hondata KPRO (02-04) - SOLD
Transmission Package - SOLD
Reinforcement Setup - SOLD
DC5R Headlights - SOLD
Brake Setup - SOLD
Brake Pads - SOLD

Full Authentic DC5R Body Kit Package (02-04)
- Front Lip -- SOLD
- Rear Lip -- SOLD
- Side Skirts -- Make an Offer!
- Rear "Integra," "RED Honda," and Front "RED H" nose piece -- SOLD
(Note* All parts repainted in PWP.)



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How much for the seats?
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