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Fiber glass, Cargo cover, Tv enclosure.

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Updated page 3 hung and painted.....

As the title says i am starting on a new project though i would through some pics up on here of my progress and work.

Here I have already done most the hard work.

First... I made a Wooden frame for the TV to sit in.

Second... I pulled the cargo cover apart then pulled the flece as tight as i could get it (pain in the ass). and screwed it back together to keep it tight.

back side

Third... Covered the black frame with masking tape to keep it clean form the fiberglass and soon bondo.

here is the TV, A LCD Magnavox 15" picked up from Wal-Mart $210

Post up your comments. Will keep updated with pictures and progress till done.
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I was thinking of putting my amp on that so this has me curious! Good Luck on the project! :thumbsup:
Now to the fiber glass part.

Fiberglass resin with hardener From wal-mart and platic cups

Fixed me up a nice little stand.

Used a little heater to keep me and it warm plus dry a little faster.

Apllied the first layer of Resin

With next coat ill get it more evened and spread out i just wanted to get it started and hold shape.
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Interesting! Waiting on the outcome
ironic that your privacy cover is where ur TV will be shown? Yes i do think is baller status though
no the tv will be on the side of the trunk not towards the glass. so that one the outside it will still look like a plain cover.....
second coat put on. hope it drys and can start on the bondo monday....
hmmm... interesting... suscribed to see the outcome
i hope it don't look like shit and i just turn out to be a dumb ass lol

Got all the layers of fiberglass laid. Then i cut out the slot for the TV.

Show the depth of the frame it will sit in.

Over shot of the tv sittin in the frame. Kinda messed up on the cutting at the bottom of the tv(little Jagged)

the way the Tv is sittin kinda work out good but didn't plan it the tv has a little angle to it but when the hatch opens it will help be more flat to veiwers...

Post up all the comments and any advice you may have....
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in for final pics
Baller for sure. That just might be the tightest method for mounting a large size LCD ever for our cars. Can't wait for the final piece.
well I'M definitely curious to see how it turns out. good luck.
here is a little taste of what i been doing today.

I put one coat on then sanded, This picture is after puttin a second coat on waiting on it to dry so i could sand again. I also took off the black plastic part so i could sand it eaier.

My main concern is how to acually bolt the tv down. any sugestions.

I Still got a little bit to go. More to come prob update friday or so, after i get back in town. Going to go see Shaq play in Atlanta...

Comments welcomed......
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here is a little taste of what i been doing today.

My main concern is how to acually bolt the tv down. any sugestions.
Not sure on that, but I was thinking on the way home from work... that shit's gonna look great but isn't that going to be a lot of weight/stress on those rubber plug thingamajigs that the cover hangs from?Just curious how you're dealing with that issue. Looking good
^thats what i was wondering while reading this is how you are gonna keep the cover attached. but as far as mounting it i would dissassemble the case for the screen and actually fiberglass that in with the mount. but that is no longer an option for you i dont think because you cant get to the back of it te reassemble the screen like you would a fiberglassed dash for a screen :dontknow: sorry im now help
the screen only weighs 6 LBS and i actually put that into consideration and was pulling on my cover today(this one is a spare) and it is pretty stout so an extra for say 10 ponds i don't think will hurt that much. But for taking the tv apart i am not going to try any of that after paying that much for it lol. I can put bolts though the other side and mount it like that just don't want it to look like shit on the inside part. but always gotta try something. keep the sugestions coming.
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