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Field BMW experience?

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I know this is clubrsx and not a bmw forum, but anyone local have any experience with them? going tomorrow and hopefully getting my new car :) and yes I have posted on bmw forums so dont worry haha
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sup mark, they are pretty good. Service is awesome, my dad picked up a lot of parts from them for our m3
thanks Justin.. crossing my fingers and hopefully going to get myself a new ride :)
my dad goes to Patrick BMW in Schaumburg. He likes it there a lot, hence why he has bought 3 cars from there. I would reccommend the sales guy he works with, hes a good guy, his names Terri.
cool im going to shop around before i make my final decision..

MichaelJr1186 i'd get a 335xi for the weather in chicago. awd twin turbo ftw
nah.. im kinda leaning away from the xi dont like all wheel drive

TireMeltingRSX You fucker, you're getting an M3 aren't you?
your gonna have to wait and see ;)
pics of said BMW
You'll see the cars are overrated.
your over rated greg!! Don't be mad ha
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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