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Field BMW experience?

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I know this is clubrsx and not a bmw forum, but anyone local have any experience with them? going tomorrow and hopefully getting my new car :) and yes I have posted on bmw forums so dont worry haha
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You'll see the cars are overrated.
IDK if the Greg was joking or not but either way I agree with what he said. The Germans USED to make a wonderful car... E36 and prior. Now-a-days they just don't seem worth the price tag for what you get. I've had to many friends buy new BMW's just to turn them in for something Japanese within a year
No I wasn't joking.

I have a good friend (drives a K20 EG) and works as a full time mechanic at BMW, after working there he swears on how the cars are not worth all that money. I guess problems come often and they're not cheap.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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