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Field Research Question

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Hey guys Im writing a paper for my ENG 102 class and i need some help with some field research. Im writing it about the idea of people buying domestic cars just because they live in the United states. Im sure you all know that one person who always buys GM cars and will never buy anything made elsewhere. Im just looking to see if you guys have an opinion on this. If anybody has an input on this that would be great ! Thanks
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My stepdad will buy nothing but Ford because that was his first car he ever purchased. He's ex navy and drives Lincolns (still ford) and is origionally from PA. He was born in '44 so that gives you the time frame. When I was shopping for cars when I got out of high school in '05, his graduation present to me was to co-sign for me to be able to buy a new car. Needless to say he was highly upset due to the fact that I was only looking at Import vehicles and was leaning towards Subaru and Honda. After a bit of arguing that I'm going to pay for a car I actually want, he caved in and I have my RSX. His other argument was that I am helping japan take over the U.S without firin a single shot. To this day he still denies the fact that my car is much more reliable and has proven itself after 105k of hard hard miles and the only thing I have ever had to get fixed was my passenger window regulator and that was just two days ago. He has owned all of the different generations of the Lincoln Navigator, a Lincoln Blackwood, a '99 Ford F350 Superduty Turbo Deisel, and now currently drive a Lifted Lincoln Mark LT. Out of those vehicles he only has not had a major problem with the Mark LT, and the '08 Navi. Both of them only have about 30k miles on the odo so I don't think they've been given a full test yet :). He still says I drive a POS and I should have bought a Ford.
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