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when my friends close the trunk, they get fingerprints right under the spoiler and by the handle. i have a black rsx, and it sucks! any way in preventing this? also, how can i clean them off easily, without having to wash the entire car? i live in NY, so it's too cold to wash my car, and the water outside is turned off for another month

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Tell them to use the trunk handle.....I always yell at my friends when they don't use it. You can get it off with some detail spray, like z6 or some of the meguiars stuff. :thumbsup:
there isnt any type of cloth i can use in the meantime? i havent been able to buy any zainos or meguiars yet. woah, there is a trunk handle?! i totally have to go check this out.
You can try using a damp terry cloth but i dunno how good that'll work. And yes there is a trunk handle.....took me a couple of months before i found it. It is on the inside right of the trunk. :thumbsup:
Yeah, it's not really a handle, more like a little recess in the inside of the trunk, but it keeps their hands off the trunk.

If you want a magic cloth, you can use a 100% cotton terrycloth, or a microfibre detailing cloth.

For oily or greasy things, I find a microfibre cloth works a lot better. There's a lot on the market: Meguiar's ultimate wipe, Pinnacle detailing cloth. Microfibre is great for things like fingerprints or watermarks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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