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Floor Jack Fix

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So I noticed yesterday that my jack was slowly letting my car down. Slow enough for me to still get the jack stands under, but still that can't be good. I'm assuming there must be a leak somewhere and will only get worse with time. Has anyone ever tried to fix their jack? I read somewhere about using power steering leak fix fluid as a solution. This jack cost $100 new (it's a high lift, SUV jack), so I'd hate to throw out the old one and buy a new one.
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I have two jacks and one is a Pep Boys jack that has the same issue. Cheap-ass Chinese piece of shit. If a rebuild kit were available, it would be no problem. Good luck finding that, though. I might just pick up a beater Craftsman at some pawn shop for $20.
IDK about repairing/rebuilding jack.

I had a ~ 10 year old "AC Delco" jack that started to fail.........labeled AC Delco, made in China, of course.

But, WTH, it had seen 10 or so years of abuse so I went and bought another one. It leaked too. Took it back and exchanged it and this one's good so far.

Paid about $20 - $30 for it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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