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Fluid leaking onto headers??? what could it be

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it doesn’t over heat or anything but i do have a power steering leak, it squeals when turning but that has never happened before where it leaks onto the header unless it got worse
That's not P/S fluid, but you should fix that leak also, It is coolant. Leaks can be a pain when they get blown all over the engine/ bay. This has been going on awhile. Start it up, warm it up and try to see or even listen for a "pssst" see where the the steam is coming from other than the header. Also check O-rings at the engine cross over tube, You can do a pressure test on the whole system. They have dies you can add to the coolant and a black light might narrow it down. Clean it up and make it easier to find.
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Thank you i will try and do that then but you are sure that it’s coolant and not anything else?
Yes. It is most def coolant. I could not make out your P/S leak in the pictures you gave but if you have a known leak and you know what it is>>> Fix IT and flush it using ONLY honda opproved p/s fluid. ( you can get an off brand, but it must be honda approved) Take the return line off it is low pressure then following the procedure. Look it up to much to type. To bleed it after hose replacement raise the front and while runing turn the wheel lock to lock, left to right several times. The reason to lift it is as not to scrub your tires. I'm not for sure but I don't think you can get a replacement (new/rebuilt) pump. Just a rebuild kit. All the same there is a pipe that runs from behind your passenger side by your oil filter, hugs the block all the way around front to the water pump area. It has an O-ring. and is held in to the block with a bolt. Total hunch but whatever you find try to find a factory part/hose. They are molded and best to avoid kinks. That my friend is the best I can do for you, for now.
Let us know how things go. May the force be with you.
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also just one more question, i’m not really sure where the P/S leak is from so should i just replace power steering rack since it is close to the headers
NO! the rack would be the least suspect. Usually it is the pressure line, but do not count out the return. You need to do a very good clean up of your bay. Concentrate on a positively ID'n theses leaks. Those lines aren't cheap. An O ring, not so much. After cleaning top off the fluids and just look to see what you can see. Then start it for a minute and look some more! Running down leaks can suck real bad.
You kinda let it go a bit, now is the time to fix it. You would be money and time ahead to clean and run the car and the leaks down than to spend time and money ripping everything apart. I'm trying to point you in the right direction but with out being there I can only stab at it. Every coolant line in the rear of your engine is suspect. I noticed the "greenish" stain runs the width but seems centered above the exhaust? The power steering is a toss up there are O rings at the ends of the pressure fittings but if you haven't messed with them it's probably not that. Keep in mind I'm guessing your car has 170.000 + on it?
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yeah my car is well above 170k miles so would it be worth putting some uv dye and trying to locate where it’s coming from?
No doubt! It's to easy to over look these things a bit to long and then you really got a problem.
just checked the engine bay once again and it seems like there is oil around the vtec solenoid. not 100% sure it’s that but any thoughts if it could be?
Now were getting into "one at a time". Don't try to bite off the whole damn thing at once. Concentrate on one at a time. I like your tenacity! The car has been good to you, time to show it a little love. I'd start with the coolant leak since that's what brought you here? Be observant as you clean and run it for these others. That coolant leak shouldn't be to hard to find. It appears it's dripping right on the header? Clean it all up DO NOT drive it. That will blow everything all over the place.
The vtec solenoid has rubber gaskets there is a screen that can get clogged up. It wouldn't hurt just to replace those anyway as they are inexpensive and an EZ do? Dirty P/S fluid can look like oil and it is in proximity of it all as to oil. I'm glad your digging into this a bit of maintance is a small price to pay? The weekend's coming up try to make some time?
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yeah just waiting for the weekend to go ahead and clean everything up and find the problems. i have a whole list of things to finally replace as i have the time and money to do so now.
Now were talking brother. Coil packs weaken over time, so suttle you don't even notice it. Things like this will pay you back if your running on the original ones to this day! You don't have to go factory theres other good brands out there. I'm throwing this out as an example. Take care of all these little things, you will be paid back with added performance and piece of mind. The forward Os sensor is another one, yes the rear is also but if you have to pick. Go forward. Anyone and everybody can slap a set of plugs in...That is just the beginning at the level of millage your at. It doesn't all have to be done at once but with or with out a code these are wear items the same as your acc.Belt. :coffee:
i have a whole list of things
You and I both. Hows your project going. We gotta know? o_O
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