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Back in April I asked for advice on replacement rotors and I thank everyone who had advice or input on the subject.

I bought Centric E-coated rotors, regular blanks (no slots/cross drilling), and after several months I am very pleased with the product. Out of the box the quality impressed me. I have no performance issues with these and the problem I had with surface rust on my original factory rotors is almost non-existent on the Centrics. The E-coating is holding up well and looks a lot better than the rusty hubs that most other rotors develope. I also took the time to paint the caliper assembly. The whole result is very pleasing. By the way, I am using OEM pads with these rotors.

I have no financial interest in this company. I just thought I would pass along my favorable experience with this product. My car is a daily driver, so if your needs are different I'm sure you have your own favorite pad/rotor combinations.

Thanks again.
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