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I've seen this randomly pop up in a few past posts, "Should I use Rain-X?" and "If I put it on, can I remove it?".

You can't remove RainX with soap and water, but I did a little searching, and I got this:

"Rain-X Glass Treatment can be removed from exterior glass by using either Rain-X Glass Polish or Bon-Ami Cleaning Powder or Soft Scrub cleaner. If you cannot find this product, Bon-Ami Cleanser - a different product - can be used, only if you add enough water to make it a "soapy" solution."

So if anyone wants to test out RainX, just get one of the above products to remove it if you don't like the results.

PS - Soaking a cloth in wiper fluid or rubbing alcohol and wiping off a blade will take the Rain-X out of a wiper blade if you think it's causing smudges.

I hope that reassures people a little to try out new things :spin:
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